The Process of Aluminum Fabrication

Aluminum metal is among the very beneficial metals known. That is because the aluminum metal has unique properties that make it more suitable for making products. The aluminum is among the used most metals. Check out the official site of Crucial Engineering to find out more about some of the best aluminum products.

Aluminum is mostly used in making of aircraft due to its lightweight and durability. In this article, we are going to look at the process of aluminum fabrication. The Aluminum fabrication process involves the following two methods. The operations include:

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Refining Process

In the refining process of aluminum, different material is mixed to obtain the aluminum metal. One of the primary material used is the chief aluminum ore (bauxite). Bauxite contains a high content of aluminum of about 30% to 60 %. Other elements contained in the aluminum ore are silica and various iron oxides. The bauxite is mixed with other compounds such as caustic soda.

When the aluminum ore is mixed with those compounds, it forms a slurry. The slurry formed is passed through a high temperature and pressure to enable proper dissolving of aluminum compounds.

Once the aluminum has been separated from the slurry, the liquid aluminum remains at the bottom of the metal melting furnace. The molten aluminum with some impurities is then collected and passed through filters which help in filtering out the impurities. If there are any remaining impurities, they settle in the bottom of the tank.

Smelting Process

It is a process of obtaining pure aluminum through electrolytic or smelting process. In this process, the aluminum is collected through the use of electric current. This process involves the use of carbon rod and electrical current to extract aluminum from its oxide.

The aluminum oxide compound is reduced to aluminum while the carbon rod is oxidized to form carbon dioxide. The pure aluminum will be collected at the bottom of the pot. The two processes that are the smelting process and refining gives a very quality aluminum.

Aluminum Fabricators

The aluminum fabrication process involves cutting aluminum to the desired size, bending to the desired shape, molding, assembling, and many more using exceptional machines and software so that aluminum can be used to make a final product.


The aluminum fabricators require specialized training and skills to enable them to perform aluminum fabrication smoothly. Most of the specialized training for the aluminum fabricators experts involves an engineering degree of skills and also vast computer numerical control skills to be able to understand the most sophisticated process of fabricating aluminum.

Some of the aluminum fabrication processes include:

Cold Pressing – This process is also known as cold stamping or punching and pressing method. The process is used to mold and bend the aluminum metal into a desired shape. The process involves extensive use of hydraulics that applies extreme pressure on aluminum metal when in cold state. At this state, the aluminum can be fabricated easily.

Tapping & Drilling Process – Tapping and drilling are essential in aluminum fabrication processes. During this process, the aluminum metal is fabricated by the use of computers which execute particular programs sets to convert the metal into microns of the set size in those computer programs. Some of the examples of the products formed through this process include automotive tools, camshafts, and tire rims. There are also many products that are built using aluminum by-products. Some of those products are such as ceramic and detergents.

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Therefore, the aluminum fabrication process requires specialist experts to fabricate it. That is because the metal is becoming more popular and widely used in a various item such as doors, golf clubs and many more.