Lessons From Egg PPI

The egg credit card forced over 40,000 people to buy insurance they did not require. As a result, then the firm was fined 721,000 pounds by the financial services authority. The fine was for mis-selling the PPI to clients who had the egg credit card. The company mis-sold the claim for over two years. The majority of the customers were not in agreement with the insurance.  Customers were signed to the insurance even though they were a bit hesitant on taking it. The egg was criticized for performing poorly when selling its insurance. The customers had to pay 156 pounds for the time they had the card.

Pay cover


The insurance was supposed to pay the cover when policyholders lost their job or became ill. However, the company failed to do so on many occasions. The scandal is one of the latest in PPI and is still being investigated by competition commission.  The egg customers were victims of aggressive sales tactics. He sales techniques used were inappropriate. They use every means to entice customers to buy the PPI claim.   The company will have to set aside 5 million to settle aggrieved customers. The company had to offer an apology to the customers affected by the issue. It was a big scandal that made it get fined.


If you have an egg ppi claim, then you should print out the questionnaire on the FSO website. Fill every question relevant to you to ensure your complaint is handled efficiently. By filling the questionnaire, you make it easy for the company to identify your PPI. You should take advantage of it and reclaim your money.

Documents required


You should provide the documents needed when lodging your complaint. One of the documents must have proof that you had the policy. You should also have evidence that you have been making payments.  You should make copies of all the relevant documents. You must also write a letter to your PPI provider. However, if you do not want to write the letter, you can use the questionnaire. You will get it from your provider’s website. The questionnaire contains all the relevant details needed.


The complaints on the egg are handled by the Canada square operations. In case you have made your claim, then you just have to wait for the company to write back to you. It usually does not take a long time. The process is faster and you will get the response in a few days.