Automobile Computers

Nearly all the modern cars are equipped with auto computers. These devices are imperative since they help you to monitor and control the vehicle’s inner workings. Mechanics also uses them in diagnosing the car when it needs maintenance and repair. The majority of the car owners have absolutely no idea how automobile computers work.

Most of the cars have at least one computer. The widely used auto machines are the ABS computers, climate control computers, the body’s ride control unit and the famous Engine control module (ECM). Some of the cars are equipped with all these while some have just some of these computers but is dependent on the model and make of the car.

The engine control module

This equipment is found in most of the cars. It serves as the car’s primary computer. It plays a significant role in processing the outputs and inputs which are integrated with the vehicle’s sensors. The input sensors provide the computer with information which is then processed. The processed information is then sent to the engine using the output sensors.

Car’s sensors

A vehicle has very many sensors, but the number varies depending on the model of the car. The number of features is mainly dependent on the additional features of the vehicle. Some of these sensors include the crank sensor, coolant sensor, knock sensor, air flow sensor, and the EGR valve. The sensors work by feeding the computer with information about a particular area. This allows your computer to make any necessary change. The output sensors can then transmit the feedback once the changes are effected. Sensors serve as the ears and eyes of the auto system.

Technical diagnosis

The diagnosis process in a vehicle involves detecting a problem or something which is wrong by use of the computers. Once a problem is detected, the driver is alerted or notified via the display system. To achieve this, there is a scanner which works in conjunction with the ECM. This scanner is connected to a port located in the lower part of the dashboard.

Any codes from the ECM are read by use of this scanner thus informing the driver about the sensor which might not be working properly. However, an unfortunate situation might arise when the ECM system stops working. This is the worst condition that can happen since the ECM cannot diagnose itself. This might lead to a breakdown of your car or a decline in its performance.